CUSTOMER INFORMATION. We are OPEN for business with our normal opening hours. The showrooms are now available by APPOINTMENT ONLY.


We have put into place some rules and precautions for all our appointments in our showroom to ensure maximum safety for both you and us.


  • 1. Appointments will be limited to only ONE visitor (maximum two if you are from the same household)
  1. 2. A 2 -meter distance must be kept at ALL times.
  2. 3. Hand sanitizers will be available at the entrance to our showrooms and around the showrooms.
  3. 4. Sanitizer must be applied on entering and exiting the showrooms.
  4. 5. If you would like to touch the displays, anti bacterial wipes will be on hand to use.
  5. 6. We will NOT be allowing in any walk-in appointments. All appointments must be booked in advance.
  6. 7. If you are feeling unwell but have an appointment booked with us, please inform us so we can reschedule the meeting. If you arrive at the showroom and are showing symptoms of being unwell, we may have to postpone the meeting and reschedule for a later date.


We appreciate your cooperation at this difficult time, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Keep safe.




...or contact us via: [email protected]